Luis Camacho from Fantôm Agency had the pleasure to interview Brad Smith from AutomationLinks on the SaaS AdLab Podcast.

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✅ What AutomationLinks is all about, and how Brad was able to understand an issue that many people were facing to create a product which would help the masses.
✅ Why creating relationships with your customer is crucial to keeping customers and building all businesses.
✅ How creating automated systems will save your countless hours and allow you to focus on high impact areas of your business.
✅ Using frameworks to make sure that all actions on the business lead to successful outcomes, specifically in the SaaS industry.
✅ Staying consistent with your efforts even if you’re not seeing the results that you were initially hoping for – ignore vanity metrics and don’t let them rule your consistency.

Learn more about Brad Smith and what AutomationLinks is able to provide to its customers.

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