SaaS AdLab Podcast | Episode: 14 | Krish Ramineni – Co-Founder:

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Luis Camacho from Fantôm Agency had the pleasure to interview Krish Ramineni from FireFlies on the SaaS AdLab Podcast.

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✅ What Fireflies is all about, and how Krish was able to create a product/business by understanding the market and finding a solution for a need that is found across many different industries.
✅ How Fireflies, a conversation tracking platform helps people in many industries with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning.
✅ Why opening up the platform and seeing how people were using essentially helped Fireflies’ ability to tailor to the needs of their users.
✅ Why product market fit is not about competing with your competitors but more so competing with people’s laziness as sometimes they don’t want to change their current ways, unless it’s going to make their lives 10x better.
✅ How creating a product with a viral effect that people notice can be a great way to increase growth early own. Let the product do the talking.
✅ Why keeping the product lean and focusing on the core features helps the engineering cycle and allows you to refine the product.
✅ How being a workflow product enables them to be relevant and provide value to multiple user segments.
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Learn more about Krish Ramineni and what FireFlies is able to provide to its customers.

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