SaaS AdLab Podcast | Episode: 13 | Matt Ganzak – Founder: Press Demand & MyCredits

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Luis Camacho from Fantôm Agency had the pleasure to interview Matt Ganzak from MyCreditson the SaaS AdLab Podcast.

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✅ What MyCredits & Press Demand are all about, and how Matt was able to create a product/business by using what he’s passionate for as a driver for innovation and tapping into untapped markets.
✅ Understanding that technology is ever changing and progression and pivoting in once career can be inevitable.
✅ How turning the table with MyCredits will eventually take over how coaches and influencers reward their loyal fan base by paying them for attention instead of comparatively paying ad platforms for ad placement.
✅ How understanding the simplicities of a vertical (press/PR) enabled Matt to create PressDemand to house contributors under one roof.
✅ Why hiring loyal employees that believe in the companies vision will aid high employee turn-over rates.
✅ Building a successful “machine” where you don’t have to be present for “everyday” activities.
✅ Creating a core value of “always bringing forth ideas”.

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Learn more about Matt Ganzak and what MyCredits is able to provide to its customers.

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