SaaS AdLab Podcast | Episode: 12 | Kimia Hamidi – Founder: GhostIt

Table of Contents

Luis Camacho from Fantôm Agency had the pleasure to interview Kimia Hamidi from GhostIt on the SaaS AdLab Podcast.

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✅ What GhostIt is all about, and how Kimia was able to create a product/business by using what he’s passionate for as a driver for innovation.
✅ How understanding what your customers are doing with your product or service can help shape what the product will look like and affect road maps.
✅ When starting from scratch you need to make sure that you are hitting on pain points and understanding the struggles that people in the market are facing.
✅ How companies “hire” SaaS products to fulfill a job.
✅ How looking at competitors’ reviews can help you understand what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.
✅ Why being radically open-minded will lead to a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Learn more about Kimia Hamidi and what GhostIt is able to provide to its customers.

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