How to Increase Market Share With Bottom Funnel Strategy?

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How to Increase Market Share With Bottom Funnel Strategy?

Let’s assume you are an email automation tool provider for e-commerce sites – if you had the resources to advertise to only one customer, who would you choose from the following: 

  1. Someone who is searching for “Email Marketing” 
  2. Someone who is searching for “Email Automation Tools” 
  3. Someone searching for “Email Automation Tool for E-Commerce sites”

The answer is simple. You would spend on advertising your product to the third customer because they will be the most profitable. 

The customers who are more likely to buy from you are more profitable than those you have to nurture. Those are your Bottom-of-the-funnel customers, and targeting them can help you increase your market share. 

In this guide, we will share a Bottom Funnel Strategy that helps you increase your market share and optimize your ad campaigns. 

Understand the Sales Funnel 

To use the Bottom Funnel strategy, you must understand the Sales Funnel. It is a marketing term that defines the journey of a potential lead/customer. It divides the customer journey into three main stages: 

Bottom Funnel Strategy

  1. Top-of-the-funnel – also known as the awareness stage: It is when the customer becomes aware of the problem they are facing – hence, the awareness stage. At this stage, the user will search for possible solutions to the problem. The search queries will be broad. займ 15000 рублей на карту. Remember that they are not searching for solution providers – they are only looking to solve their problems. 
  2. Middle-of-the-funnel – also known as the interest stage: At this stage, the customer develops an interest in your offerings. It is when they start looking for available alternatives for a particular product. They are now completely aware of the solution they need. The search queries now will become narrowed down to their problem, niche, and requirements. 
  3. Bottom-of-the-funnel – also known as the consideration stage: It is the stage when they evaluate alternatives and make a decision. Often, they search for pricing information, benefits, and content that compares different products. The search queries become narrowed and focused on brands/solutions they think are best for them.

Bottom Funnel Strategy

The Bottom Funnel Strategy

Based on the sales funnel stages, the Bottom Funnel Strategy focuses on the most profitable customers (the bottom-of-the-funnel customers) before others. Most companies center their marketing/advertising campaigns around the top-of-the-funnel customers to gain insights into the customer base. 

Although it is a great strategy to get relevant data, it can cost a lot more. Targeting the bottom-of-the-funnel customers is a cost-effective method to increase your sales and improve the top-of-the-funnel activities as it helps understand your customers better. 

You can use relevant search queries to classify your customers based on their buyer journey/sales funnel stage. Why would a user perform the following searches? 

Query #1 Email Marketing 

As an Email Marketing Tool Provider, you would assume that the user might be looking for email marketing services or tools. But there are chances that they are not your customers – or are simply looking for tutorials about the topic. The user base is broad for this search query. 

Query #2 Email Marketing Tools 

This query is a bit narrower than the previous one and the user intent here is clearly to look for Email Marketing tools. The user base consists of your potential customers – be it service providers or businesses who would use it. 

Query #3 Email Marketing Tools for E-Commerce Sites 

This query represents your ideal customer. As an Email Marketing Tool Provider for E-commerce businesses, you should be hunting for users searching this term. 

Bottom Funnel Strategy

Scale Your Marketing With the Bottom Funnel Strategy 

Using the Bottom Funnel strategy, you would aim to target the Query #3 users before others. Since there are more chances of them buying your product, it will be easy for you to get real-time data about your ideal users. The data you get from this can be used to direct all other top-of-the-funnel and middle-of-the-funnel activities/campaigns you run. 

Even though auction time signals at Google depend on multiple factors, helping Google understand your most valuable clients can boost your marketing campaigns. Training Google will enable you to automate your marketing at scale. 


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