[DTC] 9x ROAS For Ultra-Niched Direct-to-Consumer Brand

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Snatched Body Case Study

Who We Worked With

Snatched Body based in the United States has an online store for selling post-surgery garments for women. These products help women sculpt better results after plastic surgery. The online store has high-quality authentic Colombian fajas and accessories.

Why They Chose Us

Snatched Body was managing their own Google ads at the time with very little results (1.31x ROAS). They reached out because they knew that we had a very strong Google media buying team and they wanted to see if we were up for the challenge of building up their Google ads account from scratch.


The client wanted to increase the return on ad spend (ROAS) of their Google Ads campaigns. The ROAS of Jan 2021 was 1.31x, and the client wanted to increase it as much as possible.

bad google ads campaign performance


The Google Merchant Center account was suspended due to policy violations, and the Google Ads account was struggling to get sales without Google shopping campaigns. The retargeting was also not possible for the same reason. In this case, we were able to run only search campaigns.

The Solution

We assigned the account to one of our most senior Google media buyers with years of experience under his belt and that we knew could take our clients campaigns to a hyper profitable state. He reviewed the account, previously running campaigns, the nature of business, and the goal of advertising. He also did competitors’ research to deploy the best strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

How We Did It

As the Google Merchant Center account was suspended due to policy violation, we tried to coordinate with the Google support team but didn’t have any success in getting that approved and hence there was no opportunity for Google shopping ads. We could only use Search campaigns to drive the most relevant traffic to the online store. 

We set up different search campaigns for each product category that targeted the specific keywords that had the highest buying potential. We allocated the budget as per the campaigns’ performance to achieve the highest results at the account level. Daily monitoring and the right optimization techniques improved the account performance consistently. We continue to test rigorously and find new learnings & areas to scale.

Apart from setting up search campaigns for different categories, we A/B test bidding strategies to get maximum results from our Brand Search campaigns. We set up a Target CPA bidding strategy to keep CPA in control and set up another campaign with Maximize clicks bidding strategy to increase presence of our ad for every brand search.

We also set up a Performance Max campaign – the newly launched campaign type by Google to take the benefit of Google’s AI and make the most out of our budget.

Results (ROAS)


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