[SaaS] 1133.33% Increase In Conversions 🤯

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Sonia Case Study

Who We Worked With

Sonia is a workflow automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to extract client meeting notes, automate CRM entry, and draft client follow-ups.

Why They Chose Us

Sonia was previously working with another agency prior to contacting Fantôm Agency.

They came to us looking for an expert in SaaS that would help them not only generate new qualified leads, but also help them hone in on the verticals that would value their solution the most.



Case Study Metric Takeaways

  • 865 qualified leads
  • 29.27% avg. conversion rate
  • $14.74 cost-per-lead
  • 1133% conversion rate increase from previous agency

What We Focused On

When we first started working with Sonia we spent time analyzing what the previous agency had been doing. After learning what they had done we quickly learned what he had to do in order to drive growth for Sonia.

At first we created PPC campaigns to capitalize on high-intent for their product but that wasn’t enough to scale, and more importantly find which verticals were most valuable for Sonia.

Once we put together the right funnel in place we started diving deeper into the audience segmentation to learn more about the highest qualified leads.

Campaigns segmented by vertical allowed us to find winning industries, while also creating a high-level of contextualism for the people within the respective verticals.

We also deployed high-intent retargeting campaigns via paid social as well that were triggered by specific events that were setup on their site in order to bring the lowest hanging fruit back into the sales cycle.


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