[Healthcare] $11 Cost Per Qualified Lead & Insane 20% Conv. Rate With New Advertising Agency

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Who We Worked With


IBI Healthcare is a weight loss surgery center offering patients’ ongoing healthcare needs and well-being with surgical and non-surgical methods against obesity.

Why They Chose Us


IBI Healthcare had been working with another advertising agency, but with few results to show for a long period of time.

They reached out to us while looking for a new advertising agency that could take over their Google ads advertising efforts and wanted a complete revamp of their ad campaigns. Previously they were sending traffic directly to their website, with very few leads coming through on a monthly basis, and were looking for a solution that would solve this in a timely manner.



The client wanted to increase the number of leads & consultations from their Google Ads campaigns and also wanted to build awareness around their brand. They were working with a different agency before, but they didn’t want to use the same ad account, so we started with a fresh Google Ads account with zero data.

While talking to the client, they mentioned that the conversion on the other account was only 0.30% from Google ads campaigns – this also included duplicate conversions that were being tracked and over-reported (before Fantom Agency took over management of their ad campaigns).



Being in the Healthcare niche, it’s impossible to work with custom lists, similar segments, and even remarketing campaigns. This makes it difficult to leverage existing data to get a head start on the performance of the campaigns.

Additionally, the ad account was fresh (no previous data from campaigns), which meant we had no way to see what had or had not worked in the past in regards to what the other agency had already done.

How We Did It


The Fantom team understood the requirements of the business, the industry, and the goals of the business. We created specific landing pages with quiz forms that could help prevent the client from a large number of unqualified leads.

We created an account structure that divides the funnel into three main stages – ToF, MoF, and BoF – these campaigns & ad groups are segmented out by the level of intent shown in the keyword (or search phrases that people are searching for).

This helps us distribute the budget accordingly based on the intent, as well as gives us optics into which funnel stage is ready for “the next step”, starting from cold traffic that is still in research mode and not ready for a solution, ending with a brand campaign, which are people who’ve already done a majority of the research, so much so that they’re now looking for the company by its brand name.


We have been working on this account for 5 months, from September to January, and so far have managed to get a consistent cost per lead of around $11 (note these are good leads, none of these are unqualified) and a total spend of around $13k.

The results were amazing.


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