Are Twitter Ads Worth It In 2022 and Beyond?

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Twitter Ads

With the increasing adoption of video-sharing social media sites like TikTok, marketers are worried if Twitter Ads are still worth it? Twitter has fewer users and is not taking the world by storm🔥, like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. As a business, you might be skeptical about investing 💰in advertising on such a platform. 

Twitter might seem like it is not as big as Facebook or Google, but it is a powerful platform. It is the most impactful platform to form public 📢 opinion. The click-through rate for Twitter Ads is also way higher than on other platforms. 

As we all know, it is the favorite platform of all celebrities. From pop artists to economists, almost every public figure has a Twitter profile. In addition, Twitter is also one of the most futuristic social media networks.  

In this guide, we will share more insights about Twitter Ads and explore if it is still worth it in 2022 and beyond? 

Understanding Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

There are two spectrums of advertising platforms – on one end, is Google. It provides you with an opportunity to serve text-based ads to users searching 🔍 for something. On the other end of it is Facebook. It enables you to serve content-rich 📸 ads to users browsing their news feed on Facebook. 

Twitter Ads provides you with a mixture of both of these. A middle ground on these spectrums. It has ad formats based only on text, along with video and other visual formats.  

Twitter Ads also provide you with a different advantage – high engagement📈. A platform where you can serve ads that are not only content-rich 📸 but also can get you maximum engagement 📈 due to the nature of the platform. 

Following are the ways you can promote your business/content on Twitter: 

  1. Takeover Ads – These ads give you access to use Twitter’s digital real estate to its best 💯. This format means that your ads will ‘take over the space, and they will be the first thing a user sees when they open Twitter 🔥. 
  2. Video Ads – 📹The same highly-engaging format of digital advertisements that lets you share a video with a caption as a sponsored post. 
  3. Amplify Pre-Roll Ads – The same format as YouTube Ads. 🎥 The ad will pop up at the start of the video you play. 
  4. Carousel Ads – An ad format similar to the carousels from Instagram 📸 – enables you to swift through 6 edge-to-edge images. 

Overall, Twitter Ads provides you with a wide range of options to promote your content. It has pretty similar ad formats as compared to other platforms. The only exception is the ‘Takeover Ads’ 🎯. While most formats are similar, the ads on Twitter get more engagement than those on other platforms. 🤔Why?

Let’s explore. 👇

4 Reasons Why Twitter Ads Are Still Worth It In 2022 And Beyond


Highest CTR📈. 

Your first and probably the only objective in digital advertising is to get the clicks. 👆It can be a click to visit a site, download an app, or even play a video📸. The most important metric 📊 of any digital ad is how many people click through it. 

When you compare Twitter Ads with Google and Facebook Ads, it has the highest Click-Through Rate. Facebook’s CTR for ads with links is 0.72%, LinkedIn Ads have a CTR of only 0.06%, while Twitter Ads stand at 2%📈. 

Twitter Ads

It makes Twitter Ads the most lucrative alternative for social media advertising. It proves that they are still worth it!


Low Competition. 

To succeed on digital advertising platforms, getting your ad done right is not the only requirement. You need to compete with other advertisers and make sure that your ad and bid 💵 are better. It is because there are already many businesses just like you fighting 💪for the ad space you want.  

Advertising on Twitter is still an untapped opportunity🆕. Not many brands and small businesses prefer using them because of a lack of awareness. It is no less than a competitive advantage for Twitter. 

If fewer businesses are competing for Ad space – for businesses, it means less competition💪. And low competition means low rates💵. Given the benefits for advertisers and the level of competition, it is clear that Twitter Ads is an untapped opportunity🆕. 


It Is Cost-Effective. 

The metric of Cost-Per-Million Impressions is what decides the average cost 💰of ads on any given social media platform. Twitter has the lowest CPM📉 of all other platforms. Not only that, but the CTR and engagement rates that Twitter provides are significantly higher📈 than those of other platforms. 

To get the same engagement and clicks from Facebook Ads as you get here, you will have to spend 200% more💸 – only because of the CTR. It makes Twitter the least costly platform to run your ads on. 


The Potential To Go Viral. 

As we have said earlier, the engagement level of Twitter is way higher than that of any other platform📈. Also, the concept of retweets and comments and a different algorithm than Facebook gives it a different direction🎯. The potential to go viral (in both organic and promoted posts) is way higher🚀. 

Most memes and viral content 🚀 are often shared/inspired by content on Twitter. And the fact that it is the favorite platform of all the celebrities ensures the virality potential 💪of the platform. 


The Future Of Twitter Ads – 2022 And Beyond 

While Google remains the undisputed king of digital advertisements, this is high time for players like Twitter to leap ahead. 🤔Why? Because of the privacy updates from smartphone companies. 

The iOS 14 update negatively impacted digital advertising as an industry📉, and Android plans to introduce a similar update. It means that the audience targetting features of Google will not be that useful anymore. But for Twitter, this means an edge to compete against Google. Because most of the ads on Twitter are promoted with the popular trends (hashtags)🎯. 

There are a few other reasons why the future seems quite promising for Twitter. It is the first social media platform to introduce NFT-enabled profile pictures, and it says a lot about its future projection🚀. 

As a business owner, you must keep an eye on Twitter Ads as a platform as it has the potential to be the next market leader.🚀 



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