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B2B SaaS Blog Lead Generation

You must be on the lookout for prospects to convert potential leads into customers if you are here. For B2B SaaS lead generation in the digital space, as you may already know, your website is an essential digital marketing tool that you can create with and experiment with many lead magnets.

One of the new ways for SaaS B2B lead generation, which has grabbed the attention of marketers, is creating blog posts. 

Although the community has conflicting opinions, many marketers today use blogs as more than just an educational resource and content to fill their website, but as a lead-magnet to create awareness and sales.

We believe it is a tool for lead conversion that can generate awareness and build trust and authority among readers. It helps convert potential leads into paying customers down the funnel. 

If you plan to start your B2B SaaS blog, we have a few tips for designing a blog that converts! 

So let’s get to it –

Starting from the top, we will look at the structure that can help you maximize your lead generation scope. The first thing up is:



The header menu is the first thing a reader will see when they land on your blog page. If you intend to use your blog to generate leads, you must use some form of CTA right here, in the header menu.

Generally, websites use one header menu across all pages on their website. It’s a design issue, and many content management systems do this by default. 

However, there’s a downside. An elaborate header with lots of informational drop-down links can clutter the area.

B2B SaaS Lead Generation

Our advice would be to include minimum content in the header for the blog page. Use only a few links that matter the most. Adjust your header menu and have only the most helpful info here, such as your services, about us, pricing, and a CTA.

Right underneath the header and the title comes a small element –

Blog Post Date

Usually, we mention the date the blog post was published. However, there is a better way of doing this. 

Instead of a blog publishing date, you can have a ‘Last updated’ display in the place. The latest and fresh content ranks better and higher on the SERPs

For this reason, refreshing existing content has become a common practice. It helps performance on SERPs and readers because it builds trust that it is the latest information. It can ramp up your traffic as well as engagement and lead generation.

Next up, a structural element that we think needs attention in blog posts–

Sidebar Menu

A Sidebar menu typically displays a lot of information such as links, email opt-ins, CTAs, etc., but they are not a good idea on a blog post page. 

Please don’t jump the gun yet; we mean the idea of a cluttered sidebar is not such a good idea. A sidebar can have good use here.

B2B SaaS Lead Generation

An information-loaded sidebar can be too distracting for readers who are there to read the blog. So rather than having a cluttered sidebar, we recommend using the space for navigational purposes and making reading better for your readers.

You can have sidebar feature jump links to other parts on the same page. It enhances readability and the user experience on your site. 

Good content and structure together make a great blog post, and if you create one that people like, you can get more leads and backlinks, which is great for your rankings. 

Now, zooming in a little on the content of the blog:

Content of the Blog

If you are going to use the blog for SaaS Lead Generation and conversion, it’s essential to include more action items in the content of the blogs. 

Include CTAs cleverly. CTA placements in the header, footer, or sidebar often lead to very few conversions. A clever and more relevant way is to place CTAs in context within the content body. 

Ideally, it would be best to have a CTA in the opening paragraphs where you start by posing a problem and offering its resolution. Somewhere near the end of it, you can have a gated offer. 

These don’t require a higher intent of purchase, and it’s an opportunity for a medium intent person at the consideration stage in your funnel to learn more without signing up for a demo or trial. 

You can provide access to a newsletter, a free download, a cheat sheet, a case study, a mistake list in exchange for an email address, and you can take it from there!

You can also place some relevant links to other blogs in between. Just make sure to make them stand out from the rest of the content.

And there, you have a nicely structured blog that gets your audience to click and convert. 

Blogs can be more than a resource; capitalize on the opportunity and start doing them right away. 

For your SaaS B2B Lead Generation marketing strategy, we recommend consulting with experts such as  Fantom Agency. 

Learn more about us, or get in touch with us for a free consultation. We are glad to help you!


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