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PPC Campaigns

At Fantom Agency, we help B2B companies make the most of the current opportunities by designing ideal PPC campaigns that offer quick wins and effective long-term results. 


Use paid campaigns for faster results.

Organic SEO might be a reliable way to move up on the ranking ladder and become readily accessible over the internet. Still, under-optimized SEO practices can take months and, in some cases, even a whole year. 

In a fast-paced world, relying only on low-quality, inferior SEO practices will not give you the expected results. However, you can take advantage of our paid campaigns to get results faster!

Integration of PPC and SEO can yield better results.


PPC Campaigns

  • Both B2B PPC and SEO integrate in an ideal manner. Both can work side-by-side for your company and bring you better results in a brief period. PPC campaigns complement SEO efforts very quickly, and thus, you do not have to wait for the results. 
  • While PPC keeps improving your digital presence, you can wait for the organic SEO to show results without compromising current opportunities. It is what is known as a perfect balance in the digital space. 

Fantom Agency is among the leading B2B PPC agencies that make the most out of your paid campaigns. We offer potential quick wins for all of our clients – making us one of the best!

Paid strategies focusing on quality over quantity

If you choose Fantom Agency for B2B PPC campaigns, you can be sure about the outcomes of our efforts since we specialize in B2B paid search campaigns. 

We curate PPC strategies that target niche markets because they usually do not have the highest search volume. 


Integration of quantity in the PPC campaign optimization can surely increase brand awareness. 

If done well, the campaign can help you cater to a larger audience. But an overload of ads can look spammy; it will affect the customer perception and hamper your digital presence. 


Quality is not an option as it has become a necessity for B2B PPC. With quality, you can improve the ultimate goal of your marketing campaign – conversions! 

The modern generation of customers is now following the trend of buying less but buying better. Therefore, customers are now more inclined towards quality-driven brands, even when it comes to ads. 

What do you get with this approach?

  • Save time – No more time-wasting on irrelevant leads as you get only those leads that already have buyer intent. It saves time for both the sales and marketing teams. 
  • Save money – You can narrow down the entire budget of your PPC campaigns to minimize waste of clicks and maximize the outcome of the campaigns. 
  • The right approach – You can show your ads to the right customers at the right time and for the correct purpose. This aids in adding value to the customer journey. 
  • Simplicity – A PPC campaign built with quality reduces the complexities of a PPC campaign when you have a clear goal and strategy.

Real-time reporting for B2B PPC Campaigns with a custom dashboard

PPC Campaigns

We offer B2B PPC campaigns with 100% transparency. You will always be aware of even a minor change in your campaign; we will keep you posted about every stage of progress. 

However, we don’t do this by sending emails and then waiting for our partners to reply. Instead, we offer user-friendly yet advanced dashboards for them to check their progress. 

Highlights of our custom dashboard 

  • These custom dashboards are where we integrate Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and more.
  • This unique dashboard acts as a center of information for our B2B clients. It keeps them in the loop and offers lead generation or conversion data. 
  • Instead of hectic spreadsheets, our B2B clients only need to open their custom dashboard and get all the information in just a couple of clicks.

Ready to generate B2B Leads from B2B PPC Campaigns?

If you are tired of waiting for organic SEO strategies to show results and not sure about investing in B2B PPC campaigns, all you need is an expert like Fantom Agency. 

We have the right set of tools and experts to enable your business to thrive on ROI-driven PPC campaigns.

We offer a customized approach for every client; therefore, you can rely on us to fulfill your specific marketing objectives and goals. To know more about our B2B PPC campaigns, contact us today!

Why do tech companies trust Fantom for B2B PPC?

Your growth, conversions, and success are our top priorities!

Unlike other B2B PPC agencies that launch PPC campaigns in bundles and show you only vanity metrics, we focus on allowing our clients to make the most of the PPC campaigns through a better expert account structure. 

It leads to higher conversion rates, which, in turn, means a higher number of closed deals for our clients. Hence, we can offer better results instead of just showing long reports of reach to our clients. 

We begin with the value. 

Unlike all the other B2B PPC agencies that use the traditional approach to designing a B2B PPC campaign, we like to work backward from your clients’ average deal value or lifetime value. This approach helps us set the correct KPIs for every PPC campaign. 

Focus on B2B buyer intent 

There are many cases where we had to work in different niches. However, our industry expertise and in-depth keyword research help us deliver extraordinary results. 

We use advanced tools and practical knowledge to conduct the most in-depth keyword research and plan for our clients. 

Paid Search, UX, and design 

Paid search engine campaigns become meaningless without a properly optimized landing page with an enhanced user experience. That is what most of the B2B PPC agencies forget to work. 

At Fantom Agency, we know the value of a properly optimized landing page. We use the latest SEO techniques and search engine algorithms to optimize your page so that your PPC campaigns deliver the best results. 

Innovation is our uniqueness. 

As a leading B2B PPC company, we know that every firm wants to shine among the crowd. However, we always rely on innovation to make our clients stand out from the crowd. 

We can be innovative at every stage of the B2B PPC optimization process, and that’s why so many B2B companies trust us!

Optimized budget

Unlike any other Google Premier PPC agency, we don’t let our clients spend a fortune on PPC ads and still settle on low ROI. 

We know PPC ads, bidding, and the technical structure of such campaigns to its core, and therefore, we can design your PPC campaign in such a way that you have to spend less on every click and get high ROI through our service. 

Fantom Agency specializes in developing and managing PPC Campaigns for B2B SaaS companies. 

If you want to optimize your PPC campaigns for maximum success, we can help you with the best tactics that have helped our SaaS clients to earn more leads and better ROI. Contact us today!


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