Retargeting: Turn Your Lowest Hanging Fruit Into Users

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Retargeting: Turn Your Lowest Hanging Fruit Into Users


One of the most common and business cliches is the term low-hanging fruit, which implies that there are activities you could do which would yield fast, easy, and effective results.

Another thing that usually comes with low hanging fruit is its scarcity, a resource that is depleted quickly. Do such things exist in digital marketing and digital advertising? Yes, they do.


For those that don’t know, strawberries grow at ground level, which is why we are calling them, the lowest hanging fruit. “Strawberries” are available to businesses of all sizes, and all budgets.

Once you’ve successfully set up the system, it will practically run itself, keep in mind everything does a lot better when constantly optimized and closely monitored. The system we are talking about delivers consistently good results over time.

Retargeting can be done without the use of ad spend on cold audiences (audiences/people that have never visited your website), especially if your site is currently getting a decent amount of traffic if that is not the case, however, you might have to spend some money on a cold audience and then go after them with a retargeting audience.


Retargeting is a type of advertising is the process by which digital advertisers are able to show ads to people how have already shown interest in your business, most of the time this is done by targeting people who have visited your website in the past.

If you’ve ever been browsing on a shopping website and then seen the product you were shopping for following you around the web, you’ve seen retargeting in action.


A lot of people get caught up in targeting new audiences that often times they forget about the fruits already primed for the picking, or in our case people.

In other words, they look past the low hanging fruit and attempt to harvest what is oftentimes much more difficult to reach.

If you’re not actively trying to re-engage and re-target your community then you’re definitely leaving money on the table, people won’t stop looking for what they need or want, they’ll just go to the people who really want them, those who are following them around wherever they go.


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