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SaaS Marketing

About two years ago, the coronavirus pandemic made its devastating entry into our lives, affecting each one of us regardless of our geographical location, sparing no one and nothing. 

Since then, the world has undergone a massive overhaul in how we do many things now. From education to the healthcare sector, all have experienced drastic changes, and so has the business world.

The global market has seen huge ups and downs. And, living in the post COVID world today, the experience is undeniably altered for any business. 

Marketing, in particular, is one of the avenues that has witnessed some heavy changes and cuts in allocation, also one of the first to get affected.

Marketing for SaaS companies selling software to either businesses or directly to consumers has faced a changing market scene – forcing them to evolve new strategies to cope with them. Organizations need to adapt to these strategies to stay ahead in marketing their products or services.

Below are some of the changes that Fantom Agency noticed in the SaaS marketing experience over the recent past. Let’s dive deeper into them!

Greater focus on retaining customers

As the coronavirus hit the globe in the initial few months, there was a noticeable drop in purchases across all the sectors. It could no longer be possible to generate new customers at the rate in pre-pandemic times. 

SaaS Marketing

Marketing faced cutbacks, and the sales and conversion rates dropped. Therefore marketers started to focus on retaining the old customers instead of making new ones.

As the world came online, digital became the medium of customer interactions. Digital mediums have since been abundantly used to build relationships with new customers. More importantly, to reinforce relationships with old ones.

Apart from an increased focus on customer retention and outreach, there has also been a greater focus on creating products that help consumers and determining ways to improve the product value.

Push towards digital marketing channels

More businesses have gone digital in the past two years than ever before. The B2B SaaS industry is no different. There has been a visibly higher investment in digital marketing strategies on this. 

According to Gartner, SaaS companies have demonstrated a 49% increase in spending on Social media, a 45% increase in email marketing, and a 43% in digital advertising. Of these, paid ads are one of the mediums that SaaS firms have particularly preferred. 

Cost-per-click became cheaper early on during the pandemic and got a greater Return on Investment (ROI) as more people spent their time online. As they engaged in more shopping online, it meant more opportunities for SaaS, B2C, DTC, and B2B brands, who thoroughly utilized the opportunities via paid advertising mediums such as PPC.

Greater impetus on content marketing

SaaS Marketing

A new saying has emerged in the past decade – Content is King. As customers now spend most of their time online, content marketing is an excellent way to attract them. 

Content marketing has increased in value and use with more and more businesses utilizing the power of content. However, instead of exclusively paying attention to early-stage sales and marketing-oriented strategies, companies have started to pay attention to the middle and end-stage customers down the funnel. 

Content addressing customers’ concerns, solving their problems, and answering their queries has come to the forefront of content marketing agendas. Publishing blogs, product resources, buyer guides, and other helpful content has become an essential part of every SaaS content marketing strategy. 

It is now considered essential for SaaS companies, even in B2B channels, to generate user and buyer-enablement content that helps customers make confident purchase decisions and become paying customers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the SaaS marketing scenario, and it has become even more essential to craft a winning SaaS marketing strategy for your SaaS product than ever! You can do this with the help of expert strategists from Fantom Agency. 

Fantom Agency has navigated the industry’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving marketing scenario for several SaaS companies like yours. Read about some of our case studies here and learn about our suite of services awaiting you.

Get in touch with our team for a free one-on-one consultation for your SaaS product today, and get ready to take on the future!


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