Guide to creating a landing page for successful conversion [9 Easy Steps]

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Landing Page

If you are offering a product or service, you have to ensure that your advertising delivers the highest return on investment of time and money. 

Even though digital marketing mediums have the highest ROI, businesses struggle to convert visitors into customers. For this, you must create an effective landing page. 

Landing Page

A landing page is a website page that your visitors access once they click on an ad, email link, or social media post. In this guide, we will walk you through the nine best tips/steps to follow for the success of your landing page. 

1.  Use A Compelling Headline. 

Your headline must be compelling enough to make the visitors click on the link or ad. It has to promise your customers a solution to their problems – even if they aren’t aware of the problem which you are solving. 

It has to convince them about what they will get if they buy your product/service. For instance, when you are selling productivity software, the headline maybe something like “The Productivity Tool That Saves You One Day A Week”. 

Then in a short paragraph, it should tell what exactly the software solves. In the headline or any other copy, be as specific as possible. 

2. Describe The Problem Clearly And Concisely.

Everyone who visits your landing page has a specific problem. It is what your business is trying to solve. Make it clear and concise. Tell them about your business by telling them about the solution to their problem.

Instead of facts and figures, go for an emotional appeal by telling a story about how this product or service came into being or how it will benefit them.

3. Have A Solid Call To Action.

Your entire landing page should be related to the product/service that you are offering. The call to action button has to stand out so that people notice it. 

It should be highlighted uniquely or made to look more significant than the other elements on your page. You can also place it at the end of your copy, like where you complete your story.

Effective CTAs should connect with the customer and should not sound sales-y. Keep that in mind when writing your CTA. 

Landing Page

4. Highlight Your USP.

The USP (unique selling point/proposition) is an essential element that can help you encourage people to buy your product/service. You can highlight the USP by placing it at the beginning of the page or mentioning it in bullet points. 

If you are unsure what your USP is, think about what makes you stand out from your competitors.

5. Keep Testing.

Never think that you have created the perfect landing page. There is always scope for improvement, and you must test it before you unleash it on your visitors.

You can test your landing page by asking some friends or coworkers to look at it and give their opinion. You can also ask them what they liked about it or any errors they noticed. 

Alternatively, you can perform A/B testing by launching two different versions simultaneously. Experts from Fantom Agency can help you with that.  

6. Keep The Copy Short, Simple, And Informative.

If you are selling a product or service, try to stick to facts and figures instead of going for irrelevant details. Avoid hooking people with fancy phrases; describe what your customers can expect if they buy your product/service. 

Using simple words that are easy to understand is another way of achieving this. In addition, keep your landing page copy informative for the customer. Try to provide valuable information that helps them make a better decisions. 

7. Use Visual Elements.

Using visuals can help you convey your message clearly and effectively. People are more likely to respond if they can see what the product looks like or how it works. 

You can show the benefits that customers will get by adding images/videos/animations to the page. Also, you can try adding testimonials to provide social proof. 

8. Make Sure You Have A Reliable And Secure Payment Gateway.

If you are selling an online product or service, it is essential to have a reliable payment gateway. It will help your customers trust you and pay for the product/service without problems. 

When deciding on a payment gateway, look at its success rate, time taken to process the order, convenience of its users, and other factors.

9. Keep The Page Up-To-Date.

It will attract more customers because they will likely visit your web page if something new is on. You can add fresh content by writing blog posts or uploading new videos. You can also hire an experienced copywriter to help you out with this.


A landing page aims to make your visitors take the next step and buy your product/service. It is important to remember that not all the visitors who visit your landing page may end up buying it; you need to stay in touch with them by sending emails or making social media posts regularly. 

It is like forming a relationship with your customers. You have to nurture it. Try to educate your customers with valuable content and stay in touch with them for any assistance. 

The key to a successful landing page is the simplicity of design, brevity in communication, and clarity about what you are offering. Your goal should be to get your customer engaged with what you have to offer without overwhelming them with too many options or features. 

If you think you can’t do it all alone, Fantom Agency can help you with that. Feel free to contact us today! 

We help businesses create landing pages that have the potential to ramp up their conversion rate in no time! 


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