Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to most common questions. Can’t find an answer? Get in touch!👋

After signing the agreement and paying the first month’s invoice, we’ll have a kickoff meeting as soon as both parties are available.


To get campaigns up and running, we typically give a timeline of 4 weeks in order for us to prepare everything and put together all the assets needed for campaigns, typically this can be done in less time (depending on what you already have set up). Part of this also depends on how fast we can get access to ad accounts from your end as well as any other items we may need from you.

No, our contract is month to month but we ask our clients to commit to a 3 month agreement in order to have time to test initially which will lead to learnings and more room for growth.

Our primary focus is paid media buying, primarily focused on Google (Paid Search, Display, YouTube), Facebook/Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Though we don’t have a minimum ad spend, we typically see best results with clients who are spending over $10,000 on a monthly basis.

We do offer reporting in our retainer packages and that is already included, no additional fees.

We start every new client project with aggressive testing in order to quickly achieve results. Usually we find winning campaigns that we can start to scale within 2-4 weeks of launching a new project. Our processes help us to scale winning ads quickly and kill losing ads quickly. However, this depends heavily on your sales cycle, though we try to capture some low hanging fruit right off the bat so that you can start seeing some results early on.

Once we get started, we like to communicate through a shared Slack channel we create and invite anyone in your team who needs to be involved. We also hold bi-monthly meetings with all of our clients where we go over strategy as well as reporting.

Though we would love to report on every single thing that happens, it’s nearly impossible to do so in a way that is efficient, that is because the number of changes/optimizations that take place inside ad accounts can very quickly add up into an insurmountable amount. However, you’ll be aware of any major changes that take place, if changes are related to ad copy (or anything customer facing) you’ll always be made aware of and we’ll ask for your approval before those type of things deploy.

Yes, we do have copywriters in house and there’s no extra fee. If needed, you’ll also be involved in the ad copywriting process, and you’ll always give the final approval on any ad copy.

No, we don’t have an in-house  graphic design team, however we have a sister company, GetAds, which has great plans at a very affordable price or this can be discussed to add the service into our agreements with our clients. Some of our clients like to use their own designers for the ad creative, but we still provide creative concepts that are tied back to the ad copy we write.

Yes, we have in-house landing page designers and we host them on Unbounce. However, this is only available at an additional cost.

SEO is a marathon. There are no shortcuts here. SEO covers activities from optimizing your website at the code level, UX/UI, Content and Link Building activities, to branding and conversions. All these activities take time to bring strong results. 

However, on an average we start seeing keyword movement within the first 3-4 months, and from there on out, traffic and conversions slowly start building up. 

Results also depend on your company and their market, so we have got clients for whom we started producing results from the 2nd month of the campaign and then there are clients on the other end of the spectrum for whom conversions started coming in from the 6th or 7th month.