Do Google Ads Work? 3 Reasons Why Paid Search Is More Relevant Than Ever

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Google Ads

Most founders have a common misconception about the relevancy and performance of Google Ads. They think that, despite being the number one Ad Network globally, Google Ads won’t work for them. This misconception is due to one of the following four assumptions: 

  1. Only big brands with an international presence can get results from this platform.
  2. A big budget is required to get started.
  3. The tracking systems won’t work as precisely as they need them. 
  4. They ran ads themselves and probably didn’t get any results. 

Here, we will try to break these myths and provide three reasons why Paid Search is more relevant than ever. 

But Do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is the #1 Ad Network – and it is number one for a reason! Google owns nearly 73% of the search engine market, making its name a synonym of the word ‘Search” in modern language. We don’t search for stuff online. We Google it! 

On top of all this market dominance, 63% of Google users have clicked on an ad at some point. In addition, according to a study, Google has an average ROAS of 28% for advertisers. However, the ROAS depends on multiple factors, and many advertisers take it to 7x to 8x. These facts and figures show that Google Ads provides access to a global market with high relevancy and chances of success. 

Since Google Ads is a pay-to-play platform, the budget doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality of your campaigns and the competency of the brains behind them. You can get exceptional results with just $100 if you partner up with industry experts and lose millions if you choose to go with amateurs. 

To illustrate how you can achieve great success in terms of ROAS if you partner up with a good agency – check out how we got 9X ROAS for one of our partners using Google Ads! 

3 Reasons Why Paid Search Is More Relevant Than Ever

As we move into a privacy-centric world, Paid Search is more relevant than ever. Marketers and business owners who rely on Facebook and other Social Media Ad Networks for their marketing are now worried about the new updates on iOS that remove tracking permissions from the apps. 

Paid Search, on the contrary, does not need such permissions. Also, it is way more helpful in building your brand than its other counterparts. The type of audience you get from both platforms is quite different – through Paid Search, you get access to a more involved and engaged audience that is more willing to buy than others. 

Here’s our list of top three reasons why Paid Search is more relevant now than ever: 

1. Sync the Data With Your CRM

The importance of first-hand customer data is well-known to most business owners. No matter the size of your business, you need data to make a decision. As a startup, scaleup, or corporation; if you want to make the right decisions, you need access to your customer data.  

Google Ads

With Google Analytics, you can sync your data with the internal CRM that you use. It enables your Google Ads campaigns to run more effectively if you have data about your audience – if not, it helps you build and save that data to use in campaigns on other platforms. 

2. You Don’t Suffer From Lack of Attribution.

The biggest advantage social media advertising, or any pay-per-click advertising model brought was audience analytics and user tracking. The social media apps were able to track the user behavior after clicking on an ad – and based on that behavior, the advertisers could improve their campaigns. However, after the recent iOS updates, social media apps require voluntary user opt-in to enable tracking. The setting is not set on default anymore.

Google Ads

As opposed to the case of Social Media Marketing and iOS updates, Paid Search does not need any attribution from customers. You will have access to customer data and targeted advertising through Paid Search – and you don’t need to worry about these privacy updates here. 

Account managers and Google’s algorithms use this data to assess the target audience and see what works. It helps them make better decisions about tweaking the campaigns. 

3. Highly-targeted Advertising and Audience Analytics

As a Google Ads marketer, you get access to tons of targeting options to reach your ideal customer. If you have your buyer personas ( customer profiles created to drive their marketing efforts) ready, you can filter in your audience and increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns on Google Ads. 

Google Ads

In addition, the targeting features of Google Ads include targeting your customers based on search intent and buyer journey stage. It helps you show your ads to customers who are actively looking for products like yours – increasing the overall performance of your ads. 

A Final Word

As a marketer or a founder, you must know the importance of effective marketing platforms and how they impact your overall performance as a business. Paid Search Ads (Google Ads, specifically) show great promise when other marketing platforms (Social Media Networks) struggle to improve public opinion about them. 

While other mediums are losing value and effectiveness – due to tight government regulations and privacy concerns – Paid Search seems to be the first choice for businesses that want sustainable growth. 

However, it is always good to consult an industry expert before making any decision. If you need advice, feel free to reach out for a free consultation call. 


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