21 Effective Ad Copy Formats (with Examples) to Boost Conversions

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Ad Copy

Before we get to talking about examples of an effective ad copy, it only makes sense to address the elephant in the room: What is an Ad Copy?

Now that you have landed on this blog, you most likely are on your quest to gather all the information you can about ad copies. An ad copy is not too difficult to understand but if not done correctly, you will find yourself losing prospects and sales. On the flip side, if written and used correctly, an ad copy can prove to be rather effective and powerful in terms of generating sales.

What is an Ad Copy?

A very strategic form of content, an ad copy is essentially designed to instigate the reader to take action. The most commonly used example of ad copies around the world would be “50 percent off, hurry today!”

The basic purpose or the primary goal of an ad copy is to have the reader respond or take action. An ad copy can help increase the conversion rate of your website by highlighting key components of a product or a service by effectively conveying it to the potential consumer.

To help you understand the concept better, here are some Effective Ad Copy Examples to Boost Conversions-

1. Scarcity Ad Copy

Scarcity Ad Copy

Customers, in general, hate to lose out on limited time offers. A sense of urgency can be stirred in your potential customers by indicating that a steal deal is due to run out, thereby inspiring action from them. By running a time-bound offer or by conveying only a limited number of items are remaining in the stock, a preferential boost in the click rate can be achieved.

Examples of Scarcity Ad Copy:

  • Amazon does this job very well by publishing ‘lightning deals’ which are limited-time deals and make the consumers want to buy the product owing to a sense of scarcity. 
  • “Last chance to grab our premium handmade soap collection at 15% off!”
  • “Only 6 more spots left in our free consultation webinar”

2. Appeal to Ego Ad Copy

People like to be reminded how awesome they are (even if they won’t admit it). Craft copy that strums a person’s ego and they will view your offer positively. However, in order to successfully run this kind of ad copy, you need to first ensure that you understand your target market as such ads might not be as successful if run in a general tone. For example, if you are a sportswear company, you need to run your ad targeting the sport-enthusiastic audience.

Examples of Appeal to Ego Ad Copy:

  • “Running shoes made to complement the health-conscious you”
  • “Scarves made for those who understand fashion”

3. Luxury Ad Copy

Luxury appeals to all! Craft your ad copy with words that scream luxury to appeal to those who get attracted to the finest.

Examples of Luxury Ad Copy:

  • “Say hello to the world of luxury with our gold-plated, intricately designed handcuffs”
  • “Experience paradise with each sip of our handpicked chamomile tea”

4. Exclusivity Ad Copy

Exclusivity Ad Copy

By making your potential customer feel that they are exclusively invited to try out your product amongst a pool of others, you make them feel special and double the chances of action. The perceived value of your product also increases by bounds.

Examples of Exclusivity Ad Copy:

  • “Click on the button and register for our invite-only event”
  • “Join today to avail exclusive early-bird offers”
  • “Sign up now and stand a chance to book a spot for our secret launch event”

5. Discounts & Benefits Ad Copy

Discounts & Benefits Ad Copy

Who does not like a great discount? Especially if you are new on market, with a discount ad copy, you can attract potential customers to try you out over your seasonal competitors. Give them the offer that they are looking for and go all-out to advertise the products you are offering a sale on. By doing so, you also increase the chances of the customers checking out other products in your catalog.

Examples of Discounts & Benefits Ad Copy:

  • “Subscribe for a month and get two weeks access for free”
  • “Avail a flat 30% off on your first order. No hidden terms and conditions applied!”

6. Social Proof Ad Copy

By backing your advertisement with social proof, you increase the viability of your product. Social proof can be demonstrated by using an influencer or a celebrity who has used your product in the past. If not a celebrity, you can even use testimonials from your other customers, but in that case, make sure you highlight a huge number of users of the product.

Examples of Social Proof Ad Copy:

  • “As seen on television”
  • “The most-loved launderers of North Carolina”
  • “Would recommend Fantom to any startup for their marketing requirements.” – Johnathan Grzybowski, CMO of Penji

7. Reviews Ad Copy

Similar to a social proof ad copy, a review ad copy is used to particularly showcase the positive reviews received by your company or for a particular product. By offering reviews and testimonials, you essentially resolve the potential doubts and concerns of a new consumer. Google Adword extensions can also be used to soar your clickthrough rate on such ads.

Examples of Reviews Ad Copy-

  • “Rated 5-stars by an XYZ agency.”
  • “The top-selling home diffuser on Amazon.”
  • “Rated 10/10 by XYZ website”

8. Nostalgia Ad Copy

Nostalgia Ad Copy

Take your customers on a sweet trip down memory lane by evoking emotions from the past through your ad copies. A nostalgic ad can also act as a positive association with a memory from the past, instigating the consumer to take action on your CTA button. Just like an appeal to ego ad copy, a nostalgia ad copy also needs to be crafted keeping in mind a targeted audience.

Examples of Nostalgia Ad Copy-

  • “A watch that will take you back to the golden age of the 90s”
  • “Here is your childhood relived!”

9. Surreal Ad Copy

A surreal ad copy is crafted to highlight product benefits that seem surreal. Metaphors and hyperboles work great to stir that kind of excitement in the potential consumer.

Examples of Surreal Ad Copy-

  • “A burger so good, it will make you forget everything you’ve ever eaten before”
  • “Moisturizing cream for a supple, soft, baby-like skin”

10. Cost Savings Ad Copy

This kind of ad copy is used to communicate the money-wise benefits of using your product over any other. You essentially quantify the monetary savings that can be derived by using your product and hence create a logical appeal for yourself while at it. You need to ensure that the calculated savings amount you mention in such an ad is viable to avoid being sued for false claims.

Examples of Cost Savings Ad Copy-

  • “Save $200 per month on electricity costs by switching to XYZ energy efficient vacuum cleaner”
  • “For long-term savings, think smart. Invest in the most energy-efficient air conditioner ever seen on the market”
  • “A minimum average savings of $50 per month guaranteed!”

11. Novelty Ad Copy

Ideal for new product launches, this ad copy is run to monetize the novelty of your product. The goal here is to convey the originality and uniqueness of your product, instigating them to click on your ad out of curiosity around the unknown and unseen.

Examples of Novelty Ad Copy-

  • “Coffee bags re-engineered”
  • “Click here and find out how our hairbrushes are different from anything you’ve ever seen before.”

12. Time Saving Ad Copy

Time Saving Ad Copy

Time saved is money saved; and with ease of use ad copies, you hit that sweet spot. If the product that you offer demands less time than all others on the market, you should outright convey that in your ad copy.

Examples of Time Saving Ad Copy-

  • “Use your product to save your valuable time, spending it doing things you love”
  • “Sign up today and have your account set up in under two minutes.”

13. Quality Ad Copy

Quality Ad Copy

A quality ad copy uses product comparison as a means to boost the positioning of a product in the market. This comparison in question could be based on anything – price, quantity, quality, customer support, etc. However, one needs to keep in mind that this comparison is not used to belittle the competitors. Try to keep the tone of the ad copy very ‘matter of fact.’

Examples of Quality Ad Copy-

  • “Tired of being on hold? Try our services and experience hassle-free, 24×7 instant chat-based support.”
  • “Cup of heaven, made from the finest blend of chicory and coffee.”

14. Durability Ad Copy

Durability Ad Copy

Everybody hates products that die down sooner than expected. By highlighting the durability of your product you address an obvious concern and thereby add a long-run value to your product. Highlighting durability could specifically work well for more-than-regular expensive products.

Examples of Durability Ad Copy-

  • “Home-care tools guaranteed to stand the test of time.”
  • “Products that don’t break even if you want them to!”

15. Analogy Ad Copy

With an analogy ad copy, you help the consumer understand your unknown product by relating it to an already established product. This helps a potential consumer understand at once all that you are about, and all that can be expected from you.

Examples of Analogy Ad Copy-

  • “The Louis Vuitton of all DIY paint kits”
  • “Apple amongst PCs”

16. Zero Risk Bias Ad Copy

Another tactic that works very well for newly launched products, a zero-risk bias ad copy puts the mind of a potential buyer at ease, ensuring they have nothing to lose even if they spend money on a new product.

Examples of Zero Risk Bias Ad Copy-

  • “Click here to avail a free 30-day trial now!”
  • “No-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee!

17. Finality Ad Copy

A finality ad copy puts an end to all problems. Your product is conveyed as the product of all products- the one where the search for the perfect product ends.

Examples of Finality Ad Copy-

  • “Your search for the perfect music system ends here.”
  • “An all-in-one manicure kit you will ever need.”

18. Ease Of Use Ad Copy

Ease Of Use Ad Copy

Almost any product by any company will have a competitor, most likely, including yours. However, if your product sets you apart by how easy it is to use than all others, mention it in your ease of use ad copy. This does not only glorify your product but also impresses the customer and makes them want to click to know more about you.

Examples Ease Of Use Ad Copy

  • “Free yourself the hassle of long sign-up forms.”
  • “A women’s jacket with so many pockets, you will never have to carry a handbag again!”

19. Feature Showcase Ad Copy

Feature Showcase Ad Copy

A feature showcase ad can place your product higher up on the ladder as compared to your competitors, just by stating some facts! Highlight the most important attributes of your product; perhaps the features that are uncommon and not obviously visible to the users.

Feature Showcase Ad Copy Examples-

  • “No-tear, all-natural color protect shampoo”
  • “Non-smudge, waterproof ink”

20. Local Bias Ad Copy

Human beings take pride in where they come from and love to use products that remind them of their culture and heritage. By playing on the local bias of the people and using this tactic in your ad copies, you stir emotions and create unifying connections with the consumer. As a pro tip, you could also make your ad in a local language or perhaps use a couple of locally-famous phrases or words in the copy.

Local Bias Ad Copy Examples-

  • “Handcrafted combs made by the people of America, for the people of America.”
  • “Sunscreen made by Australians who understand beaches the best!”

21. Factoid Ad Copy

Factoid Ad Copy

By stating factual data in your ad copy, an instant sense of credibility can be associated with your product by potential consumers.  But again, ensure that you only use facts that are actually backed by research and not random numbers that can create legal suits.

Factoid Ad Copy Examples-

  • “77 percent of Americans chose our beer over seasoned competitors.”
  • “Highest rated hair straightener on Amazon for three consecutive weeks.”

And, that’s all folk! Liked our list or want us to add something more to it? Let us know in the comments below and your wish will be our command!

FAQs- 21 Effective Ad Copy Formats (with Examples) to Boost Conversions

1. What is a Conjunction Ad Copy?

Conjunction ad copy is a tactic that lets the user understand the end outcome of your product. Such an ad copy communicates that if they use product A, what will they get out of it at the end and how that could be beneficial for them. For example, “The only mascara you will need for a glamorous, party-ready look.”

2. How to make an attractive ad copy?

Following are some tips on making an attractive ad copy- (1) Let the user know what sets you and your product apart from all competitors (2) ALWAYS include a call to action (CTA) button (3) Curate your ads in a customer-preferred language (4) Try and use locally used phrases or words (5) Pre-qualify your visitors by targetting your ad to a set group of potential consumers (6) Add a personal touch to address your customers directly

3. What is a Gender Focused Ad Copy?

As the name suggests, a gender-focused ad focuses on or targets a gender-specific market to appeal to a particular set of the population. What needs to be paid attention to with a gender-focused ad, however, is to not stereotype and offend the other gender. For example, instead of using “A razor made to bring out the feminine in you,” you could instead use “A razor made to free you the worry and cost of monthly wax appointments!”

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