SaaS Scalability + ROI

We substantiate ROI & sustainable growth. We frame sales funnels, optimize conversion rates across various channels & become your partner in scalability.

SaaS Growth Solutions

Brand Consultation + Strategy

We pride ourself on providing digital blueprints tailored to your brand’s voice and message. Creating the right mix of digital marketing services to get your desired resultsWhile you focus on what you do best, we can help create a digital marketing strategy that will certainly not go unnoticed and will yield massive results allowing your SaaS to scale, expand and decrease churn rate over time.

Paid Social Advertising

Social media. Your business needs to be there. The data generated by social media platforms is more powerful than traditional demographic data. Better yet, your business can advertise to those users based on interest targeting, behavioral targeting, and much more. Advertise to people already interested in you and achieve higher conversion rates and reach your perfect customer.

Data Insights + Analytics

We apprehend that making sense of the massive volumes of data that websites generate on a daily basis is intricate, and time-consuming. Our metric-focused and data-driven approach enables us to find Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your particular business and industry. With a powerful analytics team on the back of your business, you can make intelligent decisions.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Simply put, a chatbot is a chat program that engages with website visitors to answer questions, provide information, recommend products and help customers on their purchasing journey. Imagine having a sales assistant 24/7 engaging potential customers

Launching a quality chatbot can help you push your special services, deliver personalized content to your clients, and generate revenue directly through your social media platforms.

Growth Marketing Automation

Make your marketing work for you by implementing powerful automated marketing systems so you don’t have to trade your time for leads or sales anymore. Technology allows digital marketing to run tasks at higher efficiency rates, leaving business owners like you with more time to focus on what you do best.

Implementing digital marketing systems that take tasks off your hands gives you the freedom you deserve.

Full Range Google Ads Solutions

How would you like to have an omnipresence online? Google Ads campaigns produce sources of traffic that targets only people who are interested in the services and products that your business has to offer, as well as people that have already engaged with your business in any way, shape or form.

Empowering us to drive more traffic, conversions, and therefore revenue and growth for your business.

SaaS Experiencing Growth


“Great customer service, working with Fantôm has been easy and they understand my current situation and what marketing needs are priority. Super responsive!”


Owner/ Founder

“Fantôm met and exceeded my expectations. They helped me 10x my company through multiple services!”


Owner/ Founder

“Fantôm was an awesome help on the projects that he worked on for me. Incredible results and was extremely proactive when it came to offering insights on what I should do. 100% Recommend.


Owner & CEO

“We really depend on Fantôm as an extension of our team. They allow us to scale our company and increase profitability while keeping our headcount low.”



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