We engineer scalable growth for unforgettable companies.

By focusing on your software’s unique value proposition, target market, then creating intelligent, tested and high-performance advertising strategies that work. We’ll take your acquisition costs to an all time low & conversion rate to new heights.


“Would recommend them to any startup for their marketing.” – Johnathan Grzybowski, CMO of Penji

SaaS Customer Advertising Success

We focus on growth. That's it.

We use smart, innovative, cutting-edge digital marketing & advertising strategies to generate the right leads for your SaaS product, and focus on building funnels that target people based on the level of interest they have — ensuring that every dollar is appropriately spent where it matters most.

Focus on building a great product. We'll take care of sustainable growth.

Isn’t that what you built your product for? You have an amazing solution to their problem, once they discover you they won’t need to be sold.

Some of our partners 🤝

“We went from literally zero customers with zero revenue & zero traction, within three to four months, up to about $400k in revenue and 4k customers, a big part of that puzzle was Luis Camacho & Fantôm Agency.”

Omar Farook, CEO & Founder

What we can do for your SaaS

Our full suite of services


Whether you’re looking for consulting yourself or are looking to up-skill your current team we’re able to help. Together we can build, apply and optimally re-calibrate the marketing strategy for your SaaS.

Paid Media Advertising

We pinpoint growth opportunities via deep research. We can help you choose the right platforms, targeting, imaging and messaging – optimized to bring in new customers profitably.

Landing Page Design

We build breathtaking landing pages that complement your paid advertising efforts. Conversion-centered design that is targeted towards your specific goals, responsive and optimized for all devices.

Looking to Increase Your Advertising Results?🚀

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